YORK® Sun™ Select Rooftop Units

27.5-50 Tons

YORK® Sun™ Select Rooftop Units provide class-leading performance without compromise, all in a cost-effective package.

  • Surpasses DOE 2018 guidelines by up to 39% and exceeds DOE 2023 part-load standards by as much as 22%
  • Up to 11.1 EER/13.3-16.0 IEER
  • Multiple airflow strategies
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Industry-leading Efficiency

YORK® Sun™ Select Rooftop Units provide class-leading performance to deliver comfort without compromise, all in a cost-effective package. With up to 31% greater part-load efficiency (IEER) than similar, competitive models, and even higher efficiency levels in our 4-stage IntelliSpeed™ models, energy costs are reduced to industry-leading levels.


Reduced Operating Costs And Code Compliance

Efficient performance exceeds DOE 2018 guidelines by up to 39% and surpasses DOE 2023 part-load standards by almost 22%.

Extraordinary Flexibility

YORK® Sun™ Select Rooftop Units share the same footprint as the majority of similar tonnage-range units installed in the field.

Ease Of Service

Easy access to all serviceable items in the unit provide reduced maintenance overhead.

Designed For Quality

Optimized with proprietary advances in modeling technology and extensively field-tested, Select units offer consistent quality.


  • Equivalent or higher part-load efficiency (IEER) than comparable models from competitors
  • Smart Equipment enabled
  • Seamless integration with Verasys building controls systems
  • Stainless steel heat exchangers
  • Modulating hot gas reheat (HGRH)
  • Low ambient control
  • A broad range of outdoor air options, including low-leak damper economizers, constant-volume powered exhaust and modulating powered exhaust
  • Multiple airflow strategies, including 2-stage constant-volume (CV), 2-stage with IntelliSpeed™ fan control, 4-stage variable-air volume (VAV) and 4-stage with IntelliSpeed™ fan control
  • Continuous reset single zone (CRSZ) control
  • 65 kA high short circuit current (SCCR) electrical rating
  • E-coat coil coating
  • Multiple heating options, including staged gas heat, modulating gas heat and electric heat

Verasys Controls

YORK® Sun™ Select Packaged Rooftop Units are Verasys enabled, making it easy to improve comfort, efficiency and operating costs. Verasys offers remote connectivity for secure access anytime, anywhere. BACNet®-based, it connects seamlessly to Smart Equipment throughout your facility via wireless compatibility.
Verasys controls showing the configuration and performance of a building's YORK packaged rooftop unit.
A Mobile Access Portal (MAP) gateway providing access to a YORK packaged rooftop unit via a smart device.

Mobile Access Portal (Map)

The optional MAP gateway with Wi-Fi® hotspot provides access to commissioning, configuration and maintenance logs using a smart device for fewer trips to the jobsite or roof to diagnose issues.

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