The Miller-Picking™ name represents the ability to anticipate your needs, provide trusted expertise and deliver consistently-superior air handling systems backed by world-class support. We take pride in knowing every unit we sell is part of the Miller-Picking™ tradition of creating an experience that is tailor-made to deliver optimum performance. Since our founding in 1961, Miller-Picking™ has consistently set a higher standard in custom air handling – and that tradition is alive and well today.

Miller-Picking™ delivers custom-built designs that provide the best overall package in relation to the initial investment. When operating efficiency, system life, maintainability, reliability and building constraints are considered, Miller-Picking™ is the right choice for your custom air handling needs. In every custom Miller-Picking™ system you can expect to find:

  • Unparalleled versatility and flexibility
  • Industry-leading acoustic attenuation
  • A robust design with 0.5% leakage at minimum ±10” w.c.
  • A full breadth of fan offerings with the largest available plenum fan offering in the market
  • Integrated electrical and controls (factory or field-supplied)
  • Available, industry-accredited performance testing for airflow and acoustics
  • American made quality and craftsmanship
  • Trusted application support

Miller-Picking™ custom air handlers also benefit from the ongoing research, development and testing at the Johnson Controls Advanced Development Engineering Center (JADEC) – one of the foremost research, development and testing sites worldwide for commercial HVAC equipment. From our advanced fan design and space-saving methods of sound attenuation, Miller-Picking™ custom air-handling systems are designed to improve the acoustics of your building while keeping costs and unit footprints to a minimum.

By combining the values of the past with the performance of today and ongoing innovation for tomorrow, Miller-Picking™ is setting a higher standard in custom air handling – creating systems optimized for your specific needs and delivering a better, long-term value. We're delivering a better, total value for you.