Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS)

Up to 18,000 CFM

Deliver clean, dehumidified outside air in any weather or climate condition with the YORK® Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS).

  • Up to 100% outside air
  • Continuous conditioning of outside air
  • Ability to control supply air temperature to room neutral with reheat option
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Breathe Easier

The YORK® dedicated outside air system (DOAS) improves indoor air quality while meeting the needs of building owners and consulting engineers. Designed to optimally perform in all outdoor conditions and climates, DOAS provides constant neutral air coupled with a parallel system. And with available features like direct-drive supply, high-efficiency ODP or TEFC fan motors and variable frequency drives, you can improve energy efficiency from day one.
Breathe Easier



YORK® DOAS units condition up to 100% outside air and offer more applications, tonnage ranges and nominal CFM than competing units.

Ease Of Maintenance

A hinged access door and touch-safe control panel makes access and safety easier than ever.

Long Lasting Construction

Two-coat, primer-paint finish on exterior, galvanized steel cabinet panels meet 1,000-hour salt spray testing.


  • Up to 70 Ton cooling capacity; up to 18,000 CFM
  • Precise unit CFM delivery for optimal performance
  • Optional, six-row evaporator coil for maximum capacity and moisture removal
  • Optional, switchable sub-cooling
  • 2" or 4" MERV 14 pleated filter options
  • Modulating compressors for reduced overcooling/icing of evaporator coil
  • Air source, water source and air source heat pump configurations
  • Modulating or staged gas heat, modulating electric heat or hydronic heat options
  • Optional on/off or modulating hot gas reheat (HGRH)
  • Double-wall construction of 2" thick, R-13 insulation
  • Vertical or horizontal configurations
  • Bypass damper for energy recovery wheel/free economizer operation