ND 30-50 Ton Split System Air Handlers

Up to 10 EER

The YORK® ND 30-50 Ton, Split-system Evaporator Blower offers application flexibility that meets the requirements of most projects.

  • DX cooling coil with copper tubing
  • Aluminum fins
  • Expansion valves
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Greater Design Flexibility

Meet the needs of unique projects with the ND 30-50 Ton, evaporator blower. These air handlers can be arranged for a variety of air discharge patterns in either the horizontal or vertical position to meet the needs of the site. All models offer multiple motor horsepower and drive options to meet both standard and high-static airflow requirements. These air handlers, combined with condensing units, provide years of quiet, efficient and dependable operation.
Greater Design Flexibility


Easy Installation

Units may be bottom-supported or ceiling-suspended and can be arranged to meet almost any space or duct requirements.

Maximum Flexibility

All blower modules can be repositioned in the field to meet a large number of vertical and horizontal applications.

Reliable Performance

Every air handling coil is pressurized and leak tested.


  • Available in 30, 40 and 50 nominal tons
  • 2” air filter standard
  • Hot water coils, steam coils and supply plenums available for field installation
  • Controls include control volt transformer, blower motor starter and relay and a low-voltage terminal block
  • Well-insulated cabinet

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