VRF Water Source Heat Pump and Heat Recovery Systems

6-48 Tons (208/230V and 460V)

The YORK® Water-source, VRF System lets you to address projects where space is limited and is ideal for coastal or extreme-weather regions.

  • Highest-capacity systems in the industry, ranging from 6 to 48 tons, with impressive efficiency ratings
  • Cost-effective designs with small, light, modular units
  • Confidence in code compliance without roof weight limit, exterior appearance or external noise concerns
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Individual Zone Control for Exceptional Comfort

The unified heat pump and heat recovery YORK® water-source, variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system offers efficiency, comfort and flexibility. A wide capacity range and efficient compressor performance provide individual zone control. Because its operation and capacity aren't affected by outside temperature, it requires no defrost operation. Compact, modular and lightweight equipment installed entirely inside the building adapts to different facility types, making it a perfect fit for most spaces.
Individual Zone Control for Exceptional Comfort


Minimum Space Requirement

Compact, modular and lightweight equipment increases design flexibility, simplifies installation and allows modules to be stacked with racking.

Energy And Cost Savings

The connection ratio range of 50-130% enables cost-effective designs, providing flexibility and savings.

Ideal For Challenging Projects

Units are perfect for architecturally restricted properties, areas where local codes limit refrigerant use or where cost savings are key.


  • Systems are designed with dual heat recovery so heat can be recovered in both the water and refrigerant circuits
  • Less refrigerant is required for water-source, VRF for easier compliance with ASHRAE Standard 15
  • Dual fuels can be used and include electricity for VRF units and natural gas or electricity for boiler
  • Defrost mode is not required for increased energy savings and comfort

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