Multi Position Air Handler Unit

18,000-60,000 BTUh

Multi-position air handler units offer multiple installation positions and are ideal for both residential and light commercial applications.

  • Rigid-case-construction interior for structural support
  • Thermoset condensate pan reduces potential mold or contaminant build-up
  • Direct-drive, multi-speed blower
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Innovative Features and Quality Construction

YORK® Multi-position Air Handler Units are perfect for applications that require a durable, innovative solution. Featuring exclusive MaxAlloy™ coils and improved insulation design, this air handler has a 20.5" case depth and enables easy access, even in tight applications. An enhanced filter rack and electric heat kits make this air handler more service-friendly and easier to maintain.
Innovative Features and Quality Construction


System Design Flexibility

Full integration into a VRF system is possible thanks to the DX-Kit.

Ease Of Service

Enhanced filter racks, electric heat kits and accessible case depth make service and maintenance easier.

Exceptional Reliablity

Quality construction and an improved design helps ensure this multi-position air handler will operate reliably for years to come.


  • Rigid-case-construction interior endoskeleton
  • MaxAlloy™ coil
  • Single-piece construction with no external screws
  • Thermoset condensate pan
  • Uses 1"-thick standard filters
  • Direct-drive, multispeed motor
  • Powder-painted G30 galvanized steel
  • Aluminum and G90 galvanized steel structural components
  • 20.5" case depth 
  • 2% or less total airflow leakage rate
  • Electric heat kits are field installed
  • DX-Kit allows for full integration to a VRF system

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