VRF Non-Ducted Floor-Exposed Indoor Unit

6,000-15,000 BTUh (0.5-1.3 Tons)

YORK® Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Floor-exposed Indoor Units feature a slim design to provide indoor comfort while preserving room space.

  • 8.7" depth provides comfort without limiting room space
  • 24.8" height leaves ample space for installation below windows
  • Ideal for perimeter zone cooling
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Space Saving Design

Spacial limitations can challenge HVAC capabilities. At 8.7" deep by 24.8" high, YORK® VRF System Floor-exposed Indoor Units easily fit under hallway windows or within perimeter zones. Four tonnage capacities are available with up to 15,000 BTUh.
Space Saving Design


Compact Design

At 8.7" deep by 24.8" high, the slim, compact footprint easily fits in perimeter zones, hallways and under windows.

Optimized Comfort

Provides a solution for maintaining occupant comfort in areas that are often susceptible to temperature instability.

Multiple Capacities

0.5, 0.7, 1.0 and 1.3 Ton units meet various room demands.


  • Slim, compact design is ideal for perimeter zone cooling and installation when space is limited
  • Features 3 fan speeds for precise comfort
  • Capacities are available in 4 tonnages with up to 15,000 BTUh

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