VRF Non-Ducted Floor Concealed Indoor Unit

6,000-15,000 BTUh, 0.5-1.3 Tons

YORK® Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Non-ducted Floor-concealed Indoor Units are ideal for installation when space is limited.

  • Compact footprint fits areas with limited space, such as hallways or walkways
  • Ideal for perimeter zone cooling
  • Concealed design supports aesthetically-driven projects
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Complete Comfort, Clean Design

YORK® VRF System Floor-concealed Indoor Units are ideal for installation when space is limited. With up to 15,000 BTUh, the slim footprint easily accommodates walkways or hallways and perimeter zones. The concealed placement not only saves space, but is also an optimal choice for projects where unobtrusive system components are required. 
Complete Comfort, Clean Design


Compact Footprint

Slim footprint is ideal for installation in areas where space is limited, such as the wall beneath windows in a hallway.

Clean Design

Floor-concealed design provides unobtrusive, indoor comfort that is ideal for projects with a focus on interior design.

Overall System Enhancement

Ideal for perimeter zone placement. Up to 15,000 BTUh effectively offsets heat gains in outer areas to support whole-system performance.


  • With a depth of only 8-11/16" (220 cm), the compact footprint is ideal for perimeter zone cooling and installations when space is limited
  • Capacities available in 4 tonnages with up to 15,000 BTUh
  • Concealed design saves space and supports aesthetic needs
  • Features 3 fan speeds for precise comfort

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