VRF Non-Ducted 1-Way Cassette Indoor Unit

6,000-15,000 BTUh, 0.5-1.3 Tons

YORK® Ceiling-mounted, 1-way Cassette Indoor Units offer a compact choice of corner-mounted, one- or two-way discharge (from the front and downward).

  • Slim and stylish design
  • Automatic swing louver distributes airflow evenly for uniform temperature
  • Optional motion and radiant heat sensor for shutoff and activation in response to room occupancy
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Enhanced Technology for Enhanced Performance

The ceiling-mounted, VRF, 1-way cassette indoor unit offers a stylish design with up to 15,000 BTUh. An automatic swing louver distributes airflow evenly for a uniform temperature, while an optional energy-saving motion and radiant heat sensor optimizes airflow and temperature control in response to room occupancy. 
Enhanced Technology for Enhanced Performance


Flexible Design

Available in three installation types to accommodate ceiling equipment, lighting and other design challenges.

Low Sound Pressure

Highly advanced fan wing shape and air outlet design greatly improve efficiency of the airflow operation and lower sound pressure level.

Easy Installation

Includes a condensate mechanism featuring a high-life pump, easier height adjustment and the ability to embed receiver kit (optional) in a decorative panel.


  • At only 9-1/4" (235 mm) tall, the unit can be installed at a small height such as a clipped ceiling
  • Side pocket covers are provided on both sides of the decorative panel so height can be adjusted easily without removing the panel.
  • With an optional motion sensor, air conditioning capacity is saved automatically depending on the amount of human activity detected.
  • The shutter function closes the air outlet with the louver when the operation is stopped.
  • For easy maintenance, the antibacterial agent of the silver ions in the condensate pan inhibits mold- or bacteria-related clogging.

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