VRF Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS) Indoor Unit

Up to 96,000 BTUh (8 Tons)

Improve indoor air quality and ventilation while decreasing cooling costs with YORK® VRF Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) Indoor Units.

  • Introduces outdoor airflow to achieve a healthier indoor environment
  • Offsets cooling loads and reduces operating costs using up to 100% outdoor airflow
  • Nominal airflow of 1,236 CFM
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Bring the Outdoors In

YORK® VRF DOAS units improve indoor air quality (IAQ) and reduce operating costs by using up to 100% outdoor air to offset indoor cooling demands. Multiple control modes further enhance comfort and efficiency. The indoor units seamlessly integrate with VRF systems. Advanced ventilation capabilities make VRF DOAS units ideal for applications with high outside air requirements. 
Bring the Outdoors In


Enhanced Efficiency

Outdoor airflow reduces energy consumption. Multiple control modes enhance comfort and efficiency.

Improved Indoor Health

Outdoor airflow and indoor air release improves indoor air quality (IAQ) to create a healthier building environment.

Meet Ventilation Demands

Advanced ventilation capabilities are ideal for projects with high IAQ demands, including schools, fitness centers and office buildings.


  • High external static pressure up to 1.24 WG (at 230V) provides design flexibility
  • Multiple control modes optimize indoor comfort and efficiency, including outlet air and indoor temperature control, and remote sensor and/or sensor in optional wired controller
  • Features pre-installed drain pump and seamlessly integrates with VRF heat pump system controls and piping
  • Improves IAQ by using up to 100% fresh airflow and ventilation

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