VRF Simplified Wired Controller


The YORK® VRF, Simplified, Wired Controller offers a small size and can control one to 16 indoor units with the same settings.

  • Occupancy-based operation available on select indoor units
  • Set temperature auto reset
  • Individual function lockout (mode, temperature and fan speed)
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A Small Size With Effective Control

The variable refrigerant flow (VRF), simplified, wired controller is perfect for unobtrusive applications, making it ideal for use in hotels, offices, restaurants and other environments where discreet operation is preferable. With features like error code diagnosis, adjustable fan speed and the ability to control one to 16 indoor units, the simplified, wired controller by YORK® offers lots of control in a smaller package.
A Small Size With Effective Control


Energy Saving

Temperature range limits, occupancy-based operation and an off timer save energy and optimize the heating and cooling of buildings.

Discreet Size

Perfectly suited for applications in hotels, offices and restaurants.


Individual function lockout options and adjustable fan speed allow for flexible application based on need.


  • Small size for discreet applications
  • Error code diagnosis makes troubleshooting easier
  • Saves energy via temperature range limit and setbacks
  • Controls one to 16 indoor units, applying the same settings
  • Adjustable fan speed adds application flexibility

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