VRF Wireless Zone Controller

Model CIR01

The YORK® VRF Wireless Zone Controller can control up to 16 indoor units and offers a built-in 23-hour timer.

  • Controls up to 16 indoor units
  • Built-in 23-hour timer
  • Requires only a wireless receiver addition to indoor units except Wall Mount models (built in)
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Simplified Control

Helping occupants stay comfortable starts with giving them ability to make the spaces they're in more comfortable. The YORK® VRF Wireless Zone Controller makes it easy to provide simple, individual zone control, independent cool and heat set points and temperature set-point range restrictions. 
Simplified Control


Automatic Control

Temperature range limits and set temperature auto reset helps keep occupants comfortable through predefined parameters.

Building-Wide Application

Since the wireless zone controller can control up to 16 indoor units, it's easier to use throughout the building.

Occupancy-Based Operation

Available on select indoor units, occupancy-based operation saves energy when heating and cooling aren't needed.


  • Temperature range limit
  • Occupancy-based operation (available on select indoor units)
  • Off timer
  • Simple individual zone control
  • Setback function
  • Set timer auto reset
  • Individual functional lockout (mode, temperature, fan speed)
  • Automatic cooling/heating changeover for heat pump systems

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