Mini VRF Single Phase Heat Pump Air Source Outdoor Unit

3, 4 and 5 Tons (208/230V)

Exceptionally efficient YORK® Mini VRF Systems provide design versatility while delivering quiet, personalized comfort.

  • EER up to 16.7, SEER up to 23.1, HSPF up to 12.1, COP up to 5.12
  • Single-phase (208-230V) 3-, 4- and 5-ton heat pump system
  • Inverter compressor technology
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Design Flexibility Meets Superior Efficiency

The YORK® Mini VRF 230V Single-phase Heat Pump is an ideal choice for buildings with zero lot lines or zoning restrictions. This lightweight, compact unit provides cooling up to 118°F and heating down to -4°F ambient temperature. The YORK® variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system provides greater installation flexibility for better integration with complex building structures. Improved compressor performance and an optimized refrigerant system deliver remarkable energy savings and long-term comfort. 
Design Flexibility Meets Superior Efficiency


Exceptional Energy Efficiency

Certified by AHRI, this highly efficient unit has SEER ratings up to 23.1, EER up to 16.7, HSPF up to 12.1 and COP up to 5.12.

Design Flexibility

Numerous system configurations, unit sizes and indoor unit types and capacities meet a wide range of applications.

Quiet Operation

These units emit sound levels as low as 51 dB(A) for outdoor units and 26 dB(A) for indoor units.


  • Numerous system configurations, multiple-sized outdoor units and multiple options of indoor unit types and capacities
  • Up to 984-ft. total pipe length
  • One outdoor unit for up to eight indoor units
  • Cooling up to 118°F and heating down to -4°F ambient
  • Up to 164-ft. vertical distance between outdoor unit and indoor units
  • 3-ton and 4-ton units are ENERGY STAR® certified

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