YZ Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller

150-2,020 TR (530-7,104 kW)

The YORK® YZ challenges conventional, water-cooled chiller design to deliver superior performance, lower cost of ownership and a new definition of sustainability.

  • Innovative design with magnetic-bearing driveline
  • Variable-speed drive centrifugal compressor
  • Low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant R-1233zd(E)
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Fully Optimized for Ultimate Performance

The YORK® YZ Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller is a revolutionary advancement that challenges everything about conventional chiller design. Built upon decades of industry-leading chiller expertise, our engineers questioned every component and challenged every assumption. The result is the first chiller fully optimized for ultimate performance with a next-generation, low-GWP refrigerant, delivering exceptional efficiency and operation. It’s the first chiller built to exceed every expectation.
Fully Optimized for Ultimate Performance


Energy Savings

The YORK® YZ provides better efficiency at every operating condition, making it the quickest way to save money in your building’s budget.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

YORK® YZ delivers lower maintenance costs with magnetic bearing technology that uses fewer moving parts and eliminates lubrication needs.

Peace Of Mind

Smart Connected Chiller technology uses remote monitoring and predictive analytics to proactively diagnose issues and reduce downtime.


Optimized design for the highest efficiency and a low-GWP refrigerant make the YORK® YZ Centrifugal Chiller the best choice for the environment.


  • With variable-speed drive, a variable-geometry diffuser and magnetic-bearing technology YORK® YZ delivers up to 35% annual energy savings versus traditional, fixed-speed, oil-bearing chillers
  • Robust and reliable high-speed, hermetic induction motor reduces maintenance
  • This low-pressure chiller has been fully optimized around R-1233zd(E), which has a GWP of 1 and an A1 ASHRAE safety classification
  • Data can be securely connected to analytics platform for remote monitoring and predictive diagnostics
  • Patented capacity control technology provides rapid response to the load on the building, ensuring the YZ does not waste energy or work harder than needed
  • Magnetic-bearing driveline offers outstanding reliability and 80% fewer moving parts than traditional oil- or refrigerant-lubricated drivelines
  • Optimized, single-stage compressor design provides best real-world energy efficiency and the widest operating range at off-design conditions
  • OptiView™ Control Panel with connected service offers 100 set points, readouts, alerts, trending reports and more
  • Patented falling-film evaporator design reduces refrigerant charge up to 60%, and reduces evaporator shell size up to 20%

Johnson Controls earns world’s first ISASecure® Component Security Assurance Certification for Smart Buildings Product​

  • As cybersecurity threats continue to rise, the ISASecure cybersecurity program has taken a market-leading step into the smart buildings space
  • ISASecure CSA certification of the YORK® YK and YZ Centrifugal Chillers exemplifies Johnson Controls leadership in bringing cyber-resilient solutions to the smart buildings market
  • Certification to the ISA/IEC 62443-4-2 standard provides assurance that Johnson Controls and the YORK® brand adhere to stringent ISASecure technical security requirements for IACS components
  • Certification to the ISA/IEC 62443-4-1 standard provides assurance that Johnson Controls and the YORK® brand adhere to stringent ISASecure development lifecycle requirements
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More control – More protection – Better records

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Dependable Operation With Faster Recovery

The YORK® YZ Quick Start feature provides the fastest chiller restart following a power failure, allowing for capacity recovery and reducing the risk of cooling disruptions.

 YORK YZ Centrifugal Chiller quick restart and recovery time graph.

Revolutionary Design and Ultimate Performance

YORK® YZ Proprietary Chiller Design 
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