YVWA Variable Speed Screw Chiller

125-300 TR (440-1055 kW)

The YVWA Water-cooled, Variable-speed Screw Chiller was designed for efficiency, flexibility, sustainability and peace-of-mind.

  • Variable-speed drive
  • Hybrid falling-film evaporator
  • Smart, connected technology
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Unsurpassed Control

Strike the right balance between capital cost, ownership cost and energy efficiency with the flexibility of the YORK® YVWA. With a variety of configuration possibilities, this water-cooled screw chiller gives you the power to reduce compressor speed, translating into increased energy savings and a smaller carbon footprint. The YVWA offers an array of options that you can tailor and tune to match the capacity, efficiency, sound and footprint of your specific needs.
Unsurpassed Control


Greater Flexibility

This flexible unit can handle high-lift applications with the highest efficiencies available.

Better Efficiency

Superior energy performance reduces refrigerant charge up to 30% and utility emissions as much as 30%.

Proven Performance

Variable-speed drive constantly tunes the compressor speed to meet exact lift and load requirements.


  • Ideal for comfort and process cooling, glycol chilling, heat recovery and heat pump applications
  • Uses R-134a refrigerant
  • Compatible with open- or closed-circuit cooling towers, dry air coolers or adiabatic coolers
  • Heat pump to 150°F (66°C)
  • Helps LEED® projects earn the Energy and Atmosphere Credit 4 (EAc4)
  • Variations of condenser and evaporator arrangements, alternative compressor head ratios, sound reduction kits and controls schemes are available

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