Titan™ OM Custom Design Centrifugal Chiller

3,000-5,500 TR (10,550-19,350 kW)

The YORK® Titan™ OM Custom Design Centrifugal Chiller features extraordinary capacity, exceptional flexibility and unsurpassed reliability.

  • Zero-ODP, R-134a or R-513A refrigerant
  • Precise, chilled water temperature to 0.1°F
  • Available in electric drive or steam drive for water- or air-cooled condensing
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Proven, Unsurpassed Reliability

Proven in large-scale cooling projects, OM chillers are used more than all other brands combined. The YORK® Titan™ OM Custom Design Centrifugal Chiller offers a complete combination of features that address even the most challenging applications. Titan™ is perfect for district cooling, air-cooled condensing, brine chilling, heat pump operation, and similar, demanding industrial applications. 
Proven, Unsurpassed Reliability



The chiller can be modified to suit many applications, thanks to a full list of customizable features.


Water- and refrigerant-side design enhancements minimize energy consumption and tube fouling.


The built-in PLC control center makes setting chilled water temperature easy, which saves time and optimizes efficiency.


  • Uses zero-ODP, R-134a or R-513A refrigerant
  • Custom multi-stage chiller with flexible options of steam turbine or electric motor with variable speed drive
  • Heat pump operation produces up to 170⁰ F hot water
  • Can operate down to approximately 55°F (13°C) entering condenser water temperature
  • Available in electric-, steam-, or gas-drive, for water- or air-cooled condensing, OM chillers can be used for water chilling, brine cooling, or ice building
  • Used in critical applications/projects (including gold mines, airports, district cooling, hospitals, universities, etc.)
  • Industrial, reliable, long-lasting proven design
  • Free cooling feature can operate at up to 60% design load
  • Open drive design
  • Variable-speed control
  • Heat pump operation produces up to 170⁰ F hot water

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