YLAA Scroll Chiller

40-230 TR (140-800 kW)

The YORK® YLAA Air-cooled Scroll Chiller reduces energy costs through advanced technology and remarkable, real-world performance.

  • Application flexibility for heat recovery and low temperature brine
  • Easy to install and service
  • All models available for performance testing
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The Right Balance for Improved Performance

Minimize installation cost, maximize usable space, lower electric bills and reduce service expenses with the YORK® YLAA Air-cooled Scroll Chiller. This efficient chiller reduces your energy usage and your environmental footprint. Our variable speed drive (VSD) fans ensure class-leading efficiency, while brazed evaporators and microchannel condensers provide more efficient heat transfer, resulting in lower life-cycle costs.
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The Right Balance for Improved Performance


Application Flexibility

Customizable options and specified efficiency level means the chiller can be configured exactly as required.


Every unit is tested, available for performance witness testing in our AHRI certified lab, and backed by the largest HVAC service provider.

Lower Total Cost Of Ownership

Easier to install thanks to compact design and customizable features that improve performance.

Quickship Options Available

QuickShip options allow this product to be shipped to you in as little as 2-5 days.


  • Industry-leading IPLV with variable-speed drive fans
  • Building automation system (BAS) communications
  • Entire capacity range seismic certified
  • Quick Start option available
  • Standard high-ambient kit to 125°F (52°C)
  • Largest capacity range for retrofits in a given space without structural building expansions
  • Available options include heat-recovery capability (up to 60% recovery), remote-evaporator option, hot-gas bypass, factory-mounted variable speed drive (VSD) hydronic-pump kit, low-ambient kit to 0°F (-18 °C) and optional VSD fans
  • Optimized compressor for better part-load efficiency
  • Meets ASHRAE 90.1 as a lower-cost system solution
  • Seismic certification on selected models & options
  • Easy installation with brazed plate heat exchangers and factory-installed strainers/flow switch
  • Smart Connected technology — a cloud-based analytics and monitoring system
  • 20%-35% lighter than the market-average chiller, reducing support-structure costs
  • 40-230 TR, 140-800 kW

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