YHAP-C Absorption Heat Pump

Up to 194°F/90°C

Wide capacity range, driven by high-medium heat sources

  • Innovative two-step evaporator and absorber
  • Two types available: heat amplifier or heat transformer
  • YHAP-C absorption heat pumps use waste heat energy found in industrial facilities and delivers high-temperature water for district heating.
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Maximizing Efficiency by Design

YORK® Absorption Heap Pumps use a variety of driving heat sources,to save energy and water while also reducing CO2. It is the ideal solution for district heating and industrial process heating applications. The innovative two-step evaporator and absorber technology provides more efficiency and reliability than conventional designs. Two types are available to meet the needs of different heating applications.
Maximizing Efficiency by Design


Optimized Efficiency

YORK® YHAP-C Absorption Heat Pump uses an innovative two-step evaporator and absorber to improve efficiency and reliability.

Designed For Flexibility

With two types available and designed for multiple driving heat sources, these absorption heat pumps are ideal for a variety of industrial heating applications.

Minimized Total Cost Of Ownership

Superior engineering, support and service simplify the operating cycle and reduce the cost of ownership.


  • Innovative YORK® two-step evaporator and absorber design enhances absorption of the refrigerant into the concentrated solution, reducing overall pressure
  • Two types of YHAP-C absorption heat pumps are available: a heat amplifier (Type I) driven by high-temperature, and heat transformer (Type II) driven by medium-temperature
  • Variable driving heat sources, such as jacket water from a gas engine, low- to high-pressure steam, direct-fired or exhaust gas

Two-step Evaporator and Absorber

YORK® YHAP-C Absorption Heat Pumps are uniquely designed with a two-step evaporator that has two pressure levels to divide the absorption process. The chilled water flows in tubes through the two evaporators while concentrated lithium bromide solution is distilled in the absorber shell-side in the opposite direction. This reduces the solution concentration and overall pressure, making the unit more efficient and reliable than conventional absorption chillers.
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Two step graphic showing YORK evaporator and absorber
Graphic on how a Type I YHAP-C Absorption Heat Pump works.

Type I: Driven by High-temperature Driving Heat Source

The Type I heat pump, also referred to as a heat amplifier, is driven by a high-temperature waste heat source in the generator section and a low-temperature waste heat source is fed into the evaporator section. With these two heat sources, the Type I provides useful medium temperature heat from the absorber and condenser section. The Type I unit provides a COP as high as 1.7, delivering up to 95°C (203°F) hot water for various heating applications.

Type II: Driven by Medium-temperature Driving Heat Source

The Type II heat pump, also referred to as a heat transformer, is driven by a medium-temperature waste heat source in the generator and evaporator sections. This unit transforms and provides small, useful, high-temperature heat from the absorber section. The rejected heat from the condenser can be used as the cooling water for other applications. The Type II heat pump with a COP of 0.47 can deliver high-temperature hot water up to 140°C (284°F), which is ideal for industrial processes.
Graphic on how a Type II YHAP-C Absorption Heat Pump works.

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