Stack Fan (YSF)

250-200,000 CFM

An ideal retrofit solution, YORK® stack fan arrays deliver industry-best vibration performance with no isolation required.

  • Assembly balanced to G6.3 standard with no resonant conditions throughout operating range
  • 2x2 Efficient Silent Array™ incorporates 2”-thick acoustic panels for quiet operation
  • Direct drive eliminates belt losses and maintenance
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The Retrofit That's an Upgrade

YORK® Stack Fans are the ideal solution for high-performance variable air volume (VAV) systems. The compact design and light weight eliminate the cost and hassle of cranes during installation. Modular configuration eliminates downtime and loss of air pressure when a unit is offline. YORK® Stack Fans are the industry standard for vibration-free performance, with no isolation required.
The Retrofit That's an Upgrade


Ease Of Installation

Light, compact units are easy to move without major equipment, while bolt-up assembly minimizes labor.

Ease Of Maintenance

Direct drive eliminates bearings, belts and pulleys for reduced maintenance. A bolted panel provides easy service access.


Robotically welded aluminum airfoil wheels and interlocking points provide unsurpassed integrity.


  • Flow rates from 250-200,000 CFM per unit
  • Industry-best vibration performance
  • 80, 100 and 120% wheel widths
  • Direct-drive motor
  • Static pressures up to 10” WG
  • 9- and 12-blade wheel configurations
  • Robotically welded aluminum impeller with G6.3 performance standard
  • G60 fabricated structure

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