R Series Prefabricated Curbs

Prefabricated curbs for roof-mounted ventilation equipment

YORK® R-Series Prefabricated Curbs have continuously welded seams and integrated flashing for leak-proof mounting of rooftop ventilation.

  • Custom and standard designs available; standard designs include canted, cantless, raised cant and self-flashing (SF) curbs
  • Wide variety of curb heights allow perfect match to roof pitch and YORK® ventilation equipment, simplifying installation
  • 1.5”-thick, 3-lb. glass fiber insulation attenuates sound and eliminates condensation
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The Right Fit for YORK® Equipment

YORK® R-Series Prefabricated Curbs simplify installation of ventilation equipment and prevent issues common to site-built curbs with integrated flashing and continuously welded seams. Thick insulation ensures sound attenuation. A vast array of configurations and heights are available to match roof designs and provide secure connections to ductwork and mounting of fan or ventilator. Our prefabricated curbs are more cost-effective than field-built wooden or concrete curbs.
The Right Fit for YORK® Equipment



Minimize labor time with prefabricated curbs that match YORK® ventilation equipment precisely, with curb arrival staggered as needed.


Continuously welded corner seams and integrated flashing help ensure leak-free performance and durability for years to come.


Various options, heights and build materials allow you to choose the prefabricated curb that works best for your project.


  • Designed and manufactured for leak-proof performance
  • Specified to meet height requirements and building codes
  • 1.5”-thick, 3-lb. glass fiber insulation attenuates sound and eliminates condensation
  • Metal liners available where anti-corrosive protection is indicated
  • Perfect fit every time with YORK® ventilation equipment
  • Secure installation to roof with sturdy wood nailers (all except SF curbs)
  • Options include galvanized steel or all aluminum construction, ventilated design, burglar bars and higher density sound-attenuation materials
  • Hinged sub-base available for small- and medium-sized fans and ventilators

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