Low Contour Propeller Downblast (PLDE, PLDS)

Up to 2,460 CFM

YORK® Low-contour Propeller Downblast Ventilators provide air supply and exhaust for commercial buildings in low- and medium-pressure systems.

  • Roof-mount, low contour propeller downblast
  • Applications include general air exhaust or supply for low- or medium-pressure systems.
  • Flow capacity up to 2,460 CFM; static pressure up to 1.25” WG.
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Excellent Air Delivery Value

The YORK® PLD Series of Low-contour Propeller Downblast Ventilators deliver versatile air supply and exhaust. They are ideal for use in applications where air supply or exhaust is needed under low- to medium-static pressure conditions and are suitable for industrial and commercial buildings. They have an attractive, low-profile silhouette constructed of durable, spun aluminum. Each unit can be easily installed as a roof- or wall-mount fan.
Excellent Air Delivery Value


Enduring Construction

Housings are built of heavy-gauge, spun aluminum with galvanized steel support members. Units are designed to be weatherproof.

Easy Installation

These commercial and industrial exhaust fans can be easily mounted on a roof or high on a wall.

Efficient Performance

The PLD Series supply and exhaust fans operate efficiently at low- and medium-pressure systems.


  • Heavy-duty steel and aluminum construction
  • Direct drive
  • Statically and dynamically balanced propellers
  • Attractive, low-profile silhouette
  • Weatherproof design
  • Totally enclosed motors
  • Bird screen included in both units

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