PHR Series Hooded Rooftop Mount Prop Fans

Up to 72,755 CFM

YORK® rooftop-mount exhaust fans can be used as efficient power-roof exhausters to remove hot, foul air and supply cooler, outside air.

  • Direct drive or belt drive
  • Supplies fresh air or exhausts hot, humid and/or foul air
  • Capacity range up to 72,755 CFM; 0-0.5” WG
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Reliable, Versatile Performance

YORK® PHR Series Hooded Rooftop Mount Prop Fans are not just panel fans with a sheet metal hood. It is a substantial roof exhauster designed and engineered for the duty it serves. This is a solid, compact unit. It is completely self-contained. The housing is low and unobtrusive – but not too low or too close to hot or wet roof surfaces. Engineers consider the YORK® PHR Series ventilator's versatility and efficiency as their answer to many ventilation problems.
Reliable, Versatile Performance


Quiet And Efficient

Our commercial exhaust fans provide quiet air movement at maximum performance. This means low noise and minimum power consumption.

Easy Installation

PHR Series roof exhaust fans are installed in an easy, all-in-one unit. Access to parts is as easy as raising the hinged hood.


Ventilator housings are made of heavy-gauge, galvanized steel and are available in maintenance-free aluminum.


  • Built of heavy, galvanized steel or maintenance-free aluminum, when specified
  • Constructed for complete weather tightness
  • Continuous, heavy-duty, ball-bearing motors are standard
  • Adjustable motor pulleys are standard and can provide speed and capacity flexibility on the jobsite
  • Propeller fans provide quiet air movement at maximum efficiency

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