Gravity Ventilator Roof Turbine (GTRT, GTRH, GTRA)

Ideal for general ventilation of factories

YORK® Roof Turbines provide automatic, efficient, long-lasting ventilation for commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings.

  • Maximizes building ventilation efficiency
  • Automatically moves hot air outside
  • Maintains suction even at low wind velocity
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Automatic Roof Ventilation

YORK® Roof Turbines are uniquely designed to provide efficient ventilation of commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings by automatically moving hot air outside, while preventing condensation inside. With rotor heads that respond to the slightest air movement, thanks to sensitive ball bearing action, YORK® turbines maintain suction even at low wind velocity. Centrifugal force, caused by the freely revolving head, creates a partial vacuum that immediately captures stale air and expels it.
Automatic Roof Ventilation



Maximize building ventilation efficiency with roof turbines that automatically move hot air outside, while preventing condensation inside.


YORK® Roof Turbines maximize building comfort inside with continuous ventilation that automatically moves hot air outside.


Our turbines are built for reliable, long-lasting performance in demanding commercial, industrial and agricultural building environments.


  • Pul-Air option for exhaust with no moving parts
  • Swaged and reinforced air shaft
  • Rolled and welded rotor collar
  • Machined rotor shaft
  • Lubricant reservoir and cover
  • Exterior, heavy-duty support braces
  • Insul-Air option for extended air shaft to clear roof peaks
  • Roll-formed, ridged rotor blades
  • Seamless rotor crown plate
  • Pre-lubricated ball bearing assembly
  • Internal support braces
  • Turbines available in galvanized steel or aluminum

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