Pressure Relief Ventilator (SVC, SVF)

Up to 20,065 CFM

YORK® Pressure-relief Ventilators are built for air exhaust or intake applications and designed for difficult weather conditions.

  • Low-silhouette, spun-aluminum design
  • Application: pressure relief, discharge cap, outside-air inlet hood
  • Up to 20,065 CFM
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Efficient Performance

YORK® Pressure-relief Ventilators are designed for air intake or exhaust and are used as pressure-relief ventilators, discharge caps at the end of ductwork or outside-air inlet hoods. The SV series is available in a flat or curb cap style. The easily serviceable configuration and spun-aluminum construction deliver dependable, versatile performance that minimizes leakage without sacrificing efficiency.
Efficient Performance


Unique, Aerodynamic Design

The spun, seamless design of these mounted roof exhaust fans minimize pressure drops while lowering air noise for optimal performance.

Versatile Style

Two styles are available: an extra-wide, flat base for installation under shingles, or a lipped curb cap found on most rooftop ventilators.

Weather Resistant Construction

Both styles are constructed of aluminum and designed to be weathertight to withstand difficult weather conditions.


  • Weather-resistant, aluminum base
  • Aerodynamic design reduces air noise and minimizes pressure drops
  • Bird screen included
  • Sturdy, heavy-gauge, galvanized steel hood brackets
  • Removable cap for easy access when required

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