Low Contour Downblast (CLD) Roof Exhauster

39-17,516 CFM

The low-contour, downblast roof exhaust fan delivers outstanding air performance in a completely self-contained, packaged exhaust system.

  • Direct drive or belt drive
  • Provides general exhaust for schools, churches and office buildings
  • Capacity ranges from 39-17,516 CFM (0-1.5” WG)
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Extensive Performance Flexibility

YORK® Low-contour Downblast Commercial Exhaust Fans deliver powerful airstream cooling and quiet operation. The belt-driven or direct drive units are available in a variety of sizes with capacities extending over 17,000 CFM. Units are low and inconspicuous, with a unique design that features motor mounting beside the wheel rather than on top of the wheel. All units are weatherproof and use heavy-gauge, galvanized steel.
Extensive Performance Flexibility


Powerful Sound Performance

The low-contour, downblast roof exhauster delivers superb airstream cooling and quieter operation.

Quick, Simple Installation

The commercial roof exhaust fan is delivered in a self-contained system with welded or removable housings for easy access to all components.

Unique, Durable Design

Units offer a unique, low-profile design made of sturdy steel or durable aluminum housings and a strong, welded and reinforced chassis.


  • Both direct drive and belt drive units available with wide range of voltages and enclosures
  • Provides quiet, steady exhaust at moderate resistance
  • Wide range of available sizes
  • Firestat switches automatically disconnect unit when exhausted air temperature exceeds a preset rating
  • All components selected for durability, efficiency and value

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