Centrifugal Inline Round (CIR) Fans

75-22,054 CFM

YORK® CIR fans are used in round ducts as clean air boosters in both supply and exhaust systems where blowers are impractical.

  • Tubular inline duct mount
  • Aluminum construction
  • Capacity: 75-22,054 CFM; 0-3.0" WG
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Creating Airflow Efficiencies

YORK® Centrifugal Inline Round (CIR) fans offer designers an excellent alternative to conventional blowers for boosting clean air in supply and exhaust systems. As an integral part of a ventilation system layout, CIR fans can be installed either horizontally, vertically or at any angle determined by the duct work. CIR fans from YORK® feature durable, galvanized steel construction in conjunction with a patented wheel design and deeply spun inlets to provide smoother flow through the ventilator.
Creating Airflow Efficiencies


Compact Design

YORK® CIR fans have a compact design that gives designers an excellent alternative to conventional blowers.

Long-Lasting Quality

Wheel construction is spark-proof, non-corroding, produces reduced motor starting torque and aids in long bearing life.

Easy Access

Removable gasket sealed panels enable easy access to the fan interior to improve serviceability.


  • Tubular inline duct mount
  • Direct or belt drive
  • Capacity: from 75-22,054 CFM; 0-3.0” WG
  • Aluminum construction
  • Supply or return air; exhaust fumes or humid air
  • AMCA certified

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