Ceiling Inline

Ceiling and Inline Centrifugal Fan

The YORK® CI model of ceiling exhaust fans operate quietly with 15 models that cover a wide range of performance options.

  • Capacity: 32-3,290 CFM; 0-1.5" WG
  • Low sound levels
  • Ceiling or inline mount
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Creating Airflow Efficiencies

The CI model of ceiling exhaust fans are easy to install, well balanced and operate quietly. There are 15 models that cover a wide range of performance with some selections offering sound ratings below 1 sone. The units are easily field convertible to change the discharge orientation from right angle to top discharge. They are also easily field convertible from ceiling (model CI) to inline (model CI-TDA) installations. All motors are equipped with standard thermal overload protection.
Creating Airflow Efficiencies


Low Sound

All units feature acoustically insulated housings, custom-designed blower and motor pairings and motors mounted on vibration isolators.

Quick Access Wiring

Access to the motor leads is through an easy-to-access panel in the side of the unit. A quick connect plug makes power pack removal easy.

High Static Pressure

When higher static pressures are encountered, a faster RPM allows these fans to better sustain airflow. This makes them well suited for inline applications.


  • Ceiling or inline mount
  • Direct drive
  • Capacity: 32-3,290 CFM; 0-1.5" WG
  • AMCA licensed for sound and air performance
  • Ceiling or inline mount
  • General ceiling exhaust fans for lavatories, conference rooms and institutions
  • U.L. Listed for use over bathtubs and showers when connected to a GFCI-protected branch circuit

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