Vane Axial Fans (AVD, AVB)

Up to 120,000 CFM

YORK® Vane Axial Fans are the smart choice for high efficiency, high volume, compact size and long-lasting performance.

  • High-pressure ducted applications
  • Direct drive or belt drive; horizontal or vertical mount
  • Fixed aluminum or steel
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Efficient, Reliable Commercial Exhaust Fans

For reliable, long-lasting commercial exhaust fan performance, YORK® Vane Axial Fans are the smart choice when efficiency, high volume and compact size matter. These AMCA-licensed products are among the most efficient and quietest axial fans available. Direct drive YORK® Vane Axial Fans use standard, foot-mounted motors, while our competitors’ motors require special shafts with a “C” face mounting. And if a replacement is ever needed, our standard motors provide significant cost savings.
Efficient, Reliable Commercial Exhaust Fans



Maximize commercial fan efficiency with YORK® Vane Axial Fans that move large amounts of air volume with a compact footprint.


YORK® Vane Axial Fans keep air moving to maintain building comfort with quiet, reliable, long-lasting efficiency.


Our vane axial fan models are designed and built for reliable, long-lasting performance in demanding commercial environments.


  • Exhaust contaminated/hot air and supply air to cool/pressurized interior spaces
  • Efficiently moves high volumes of inside air outside
  • Provides quiet, efficient operation
  • Uses industry-standard, foot-mounted motors
  • Capacity up to 120,000 CFM; 0-7.0” WG
  • Compact footprint
  • Optional roof or wall-mounted installation

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