Fans and Ventilators

Enhancing Airflow Efficiency

At YORK®, we offer a comprehensive line of commercial and industrial supply and exhaust fans to help create more comfortable, quiet and energy-efficient spaces. Our world-class engineers and technicians work to design, test and deliver the right fan and ventilation solution to meet your needs.



YORK® fans and ventilation solutions all feature industry-leading acoustic technology.


Our extensive line of exhaust and supply fans for roofs, walls or ceilings can meet the requirements of virtually any installation.


YORK® fans are designed and built for reliable, long-lasting performance in demanding commercial environments.


Maximize commercial fan efficiency with YORK® fans that move large amounts of air volume with a compact footprint.

  • Up to 150,000 CFM (0-2.5” wg)
  • Direct drive or belt drive
  • Ideal for low- to medium-pressure, ducted applications

  • Up to 120,000 CFM
  • Exhaust contaminated/hot air and supply air to cool/pressurized interior spaces
  • Capacity up to 120,000 CFM; 0-7.0” WG

  • Single and Twin Unit Centrifugal Cabinet Fan, Belt Drive
  • Inline duct-mount
  • Belt drive

  • Ceiling and Inline Centrifugal Fan
  • Ceiling or inline mount
  • Ceiling or inline mount

  • 75-22,054 CFM
  • Tubular inline duct mount
  • Aluminum construction

  • 103-27,502 CFM
  • Square, inline duct mount
  • Direct or belt drive

  • 39-17,516 CFM
  • Both direct drive and belt drive units available with wide range of voltages and enclosures
  • Firestat switches automatically disconnect unit when exhausted air temperature exceeds a preset rating

  • 32-18,907 CFM
  • Roof-mounted, low-contour downblast
  • Architectural, tiered hood design

  • 49-221,480 CFM
  • Class I, II and III heavy-gauge steel construction, tubular centrifugal inline fan
  • Belt drive

  • 4,489 CFM (1.5”WG)
  • Up to 22,900 CFM flow capacity
  • Capable of 0-4.3” air pressure

  • 44-46,640 CFM Centrifugal Roof Exhauster
  • Roof-mount, spun aluminum downblast
  • Direct drive or belt drive, ECM option

  • Up to 82,481 CFM (0-1.0” WG)
  • Capacities up to 82,481 CFM; 0–1.0” WG
  • Heavy-duty construction, roof-mounted propeller upblast