Unitized Energy Recovery Ventilator

300-6,200 CFM

These ERVs work well both in retrofits or new construction rooftop units, fits all major brands of 2-30 ton rooftops and enable plug-and-play installation.

  • Built with heavy-gauge, galvanized steel cabinet
  • Powered by Lau forward-curved blowers to reduce noise and vibration
  • Adjustable motor sheaves and motor base
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Superior Airflow

Regardless of building type or rating system, today's buildings must be as energy-efficient as possible. The design of the HVAC system is critical to the success of the building's energy performance. The Unitized ERV by YORK® is your solution for increased ventilation rates and energy recovery – improving air quality while also reducing the cost associated with conditioning large amounts of outdoor air. 
Superior Airflow


Exceptional Payback

Reducing heating and cooling loads while exhausting 75% of entering humidity outside saves energy and improves comfort.

Leed-Eb And Leed-Nc Credits

The Unitized ERV from YORK® can assist in acquiring credits for Energy and Atmosphere (AE) and Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ).

Ashrae Compliance And Iaq

ERVs are an excellent choice to comply with outdoor ventilation requirements and introducing fresh, outdoor air is a key component in sustaining excellent IAQ.


  • Built with heavy-gauge, galvanized steel cabinet featuring powder paint color matched to any manufacturer's rooftop unit
  • All controls required to operate the unit and interface with the rooftop unit are factory installed
  • Adjustable motor sheaves and adjustable motor base
  • Powered by Lau forward-curved blowers to reduce noise and vibration
  • Includes interface wiring harness that connects the economizer directly to the ERV with a single plug (P models)
  • Balancing damper provided for proper air distribution while ERV is in operation (R models only)

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