Active Linear Vertical Coil Chilled Beam

Up to 40 CFM and 1,000 BTUh per linear foot

Active Linear Vertical Coil Chilled Beam heating and cooling systems provide maximum comfort while reducing a building's energy usage.

  • Condensate tray with drain connection
  • 2-pipe or 4-pipe sensible cooling coils
  • Perforated grille
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Improved Comfort and Efficiency

YORK® Active Linear Vertical Coil Chilled Beams are the air distribution device of choice in high-performing, energy-efficient buildings. Ideal for classrooms, these systems reduce energy costs by using chilled water to transfer heat and greatly reduce air that is moved throughout the building. When compared to conventional VAV systems, the superior performance of active beams can reduce energy use by 30%.
Improved Comfort and Efficiency


Reduced Up-Front Costs

Compact, efficient design reduces material costs per floor and HVAC equipment costs.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Dry coil operation eliminates regular cleaning and disinfecting of condensate pans.

Flexible Installation

Available border types accommodate a variety of ceiling systems.


  • Maximized airflow for optimal energy efficiency
  • Linear design for installation in continuous runs
  • Quiet operation and minimized overall sound
  • Optional linear bar grille, MPT coil connections, braided stainless steel flexible hoses, coil drain and external insulation

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