Solution™ Outdoor Semi-Custom Air Handlers

2,000-50,000 CFM

YORK® Solution™ Outdoor Air Handling Units (AHUs) are engineered for outdoor environments.

  • Patented, zero-penetration membrane roof system with 10-year warranty
  • Exclusive exterior coating system provides two layers of protection
  • Integrated, factory-installed, full-length service vestibule
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Engineered for Outdoor Environments

YORK® Solution™ Outdoor Air Handling Units exceed the capabilities of custom solutions for outdoor environments while providing all the benefits of our popular YORK® Solution™ Indoor Semi-custom Units. A variable aspect ratio design allows for nearly endless configurations while efficiency-enhancing technologies allow these units to punch above their class in any size or configuration. YORK® Solution™ Outdoor Units are also designed to make your HVAC system last longer and provide better value. 
Engineered for Outdoor Environments


Enhanced Outdoor Reliability

Exclusive exterior coating system and enhanced thermal performance provide class-leading thermal performance and durability.

Unmatched Efficiency

Air-side economizers, energy recovery wheels, variable-speed fan systems and factory testing for leakage ensures optimal performance with lower energy costs.

Greater Flexibility

Variable aspect ratio cabinet sizing plus a wide range of component and material choices enable a highly adaptable design with nearly endless configurations.

Superior Warranty

Industry-leading 10-year warranty protects the YORK® Solution™ Outdoor Unit against membrane water leakage.


  • Specifically engineered for outdoor environments
  • Permanent, exterior-casing protection with exclusive coating system
  • Full-length, integral, factory-installed service vestibule for convenient service access
  • 2” double-wall construction with EcoMate® injected foam insulation
  • Fully integrated, wraparound heat exchanger (WAHX) option provides dehumidification without increasing unit footprint
  • Sound ratings in accordance with AHRI 260
  • Seismic Certification (IBC, OSHPD) and Miami-Dade NOA
  • Most consistent lead times in the industry made possible through sophisticated manufacturing systems
  • Zero-penetration membrane roof system with 10-year warranty
  • Air-side economizers, energy recovery wheels and variable-speed fan systems
  • Enhanced thermal performance for improved resistance to external condensation
  • Nearly 500 cabinet sizes available in modular or one-piece construction
  • Extensive, factory-integrated electrical, including lighting, single or redundant motor controls, single-point power and DDC controls
  • Only AMCA-accredited AHU test lab with capability to perform simultaneous testing of sound and airflow up to 100,000 CFM
  • Acoustiweir™ and high-performance silencer technologies that reduce sound levels while maintaining a compact unit footprint

From the Air Handling Acoustics Experts

YORK® Solution™ Outdoor Air Handling Units are designed and built by the same team that leads the market in fan performance and acoustic testing. Our state-of-the-art equipment development and engineering center is the largest air handling unit sound test facility in the world and is the only facility of its kind to provide concurrent airflow and sound testing.

As a result, YORK® Solution™ Outdoor Units feature advanced sound attenuation innovations, like Acoustiweir™ and our high-performance silencer technologies that minimize sound in critical frequencies while enabling a more compact air handling system footprint.

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