Air Handling Units

Unparalleled Design Flexibility

YORK® Solution™ and YORK® Custom Air Handling Units provide design flexibility that balances performance and economy without compromising quality. With a full line of standard, semi-custom and custom air handling units to choose from, we have a system perfectly aligned to your building's needs and budget.

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These versatile systems can meet the requirements of virtually any installation.


Every YORK® air handling unit features industry-leading acoustic technology.


Streamlined manufacturing processes and factory controls increase speed to installation.


Flexible factory controls minimize installation time through intelligent manufacturing.

Acoustics play an important role in indoor environmental quality (IEQ), and sound generated by an air handling unit (AHU) can have a direct impact on these environments. That’s why YORK® is dedicated to the study of AHU acoustic performance. Our state-of-the-art equipment development and engineering center is the largest air handling unit sound-test facility in the world – and is the only lab of its kind to test airflow and sound simultaneously. Backed by world-class AMCA accreditation, it’s one of the leading research, development and testing sites for the entire commercial HVAC equipment industry.

The YORK® Air Handling Acoustic Conditioning Toolkit

At YORK®, our goal is to engineer air handling systems that contribute to improved indoor environmental quality while maintaining a compact unit footprint, which is why we’ve developed advanced acoustic technologies that tailor air handling sound performance to specific applications – and to your specific needs. And it’s why our engineers tap into this exclusive toolkit of industry-leading acoustic technologies for every air handler we build.

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Sound generated within an air handler typically starts with the fan. With ratings based on laboratory testing in accordance with AHRI Standard 260 and AMCA Standard 300, we can help you select the right fan system for your application.
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Without added length or any reduction in pressure, acoustic liners are ideal for direct drive plenum fans and are engineered for scalability and cost-effective insertion loss.
acoustic lners


YORK® Acoustiweir™ is a proprietary technology that reduces discharge sound levels in single or dual plenum fan applications while maintaining a compact unit footprint.
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Available exclusively in YORK® AHUs, the patent-pending HPS is the first silencer specifically designed for use in air handlers. It offers excellent, low-frequency acoustic performance in 50% less space.

Download the HPS Guide for specification language, or download the PDF below for more information.
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The YORK® Air Handling Acoustic Conditioning Toolkit allows our engineers to tailor and tune the acoustic signature of an air handler by applying the right solution(s) for a specific application. To get an idea of how these technologies are applied – and how they affect the acoustic properties in our example AHU application – download the PDF below. Then contact us to speak with a YORK® acoustics expert about your specific project.
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  • 2,000-200,000 CFM
  • Fully custom solutions with cabinet sizes available in 1” increments
  • Material flexibility to suit any application requirement, including galvanized steel, pre-painted/coated steel, stainless steel and aluminum

  • Compact length
  • Compact 9' (274 cm) height on all sizes

  • 2,000-50,000 CFM
  • Specifically engineered for outdoor environments
  • Zero-penetration membrane roof system with 10-year warranty

  • 2,000-120,000 CFM
  • Nearly 500 cabinet sizes available
  • Fully integrated, wraparound heat exchanger (WAHX) option provides enhanced dehumidification in a compact footprint