VRF Multi-Port Changeover Box (12 Ports)

Up to 22.7 Tons (208/230V)

The YORK® Multi-port Changeover Box (COB) is the workhorse in a heat recovery system that redirects refrigerant vapor to the desired zone.

  • Continuous operation eliminates the risk of full system shutdown if an indoor unit fails
  • Electronically controlled valves and fully insulated valve housing minimize noise for quieter operation
  • Twelve-port system can support up to 22.7 tons, ideal for large areas that require varied heating or cooling temperatures
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Maximized Design Flexibility

Large areas require hard-working systems. YORK® offers powerhouse heat recovery options designed specifically for large, multi-zoned buildings. The 32-valve, 12-port changeover box can connect up to 6 branches and 216 indoor units. Continuous operation between heating and cooling efficiently recovers and transfers refrigerant vapor based on zone demands. Maximum design flexibility accommodates your project needs now and in the future, providing reduced labor and material costs during expansion.
Maximized Design Flexibility


Maximized Design Freedom

Twelve ports provide dynamic design capabilities. Designed to meet your project needs now and in the future, reducing labor and material costs.

Exceptional Reliability

Continuous operation reduces risk of system shutdown, even if one of the connected units malfunctions.

Superior Performance

Precise indoor comfort is delivered based on zone demands. Electronically controlled valves and a fully insulated housing reduce sound.


  • Thirty-two valve, 12-port layout provides design flexibility and easily accommodates future expansion without added labor or material costs.
  • Fine mesh strainers protect valves and further increase reliability.
  • A simplified design provides easy service access to valves.
  • Reliability is optimized through continuous operation. Malfunction among connected units will not result in system shutdown.
  • Electronically controlled valves and fully insulated housing minimize noise and provide greater installation flexibility.

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